Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

If you’re looking for the best running shoes for heavy female runners, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Runhappy, we know how frustrating it is to have sore feet after a hard run and that’s why we wanted to share the best shoes for heavy female runners to help you avoid painful foot problems in the future.

In order to ensure your feet stay happy and healthy while on the road or trail, you need the right pair of running shoes. The wrong running shoe for your gait pattern can cause your feet to become inflamed, twisted, or misaligned, which can result in foot pain that might last for weeks or even months.

With that in mind, we’ve identified seven of the best running shoes for heavy female runners so

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

Many females who have a lot of weight are very disturbed because they cannot or even walk properly. They all want to run and play and walk like others. They get very disappointed when they see other girls running and playing. They just want some way to lose their weight, in order to lose weight there are a lot of ways but many girls think by running they can lose their weight but by keeping a proper diet and not eating fatty food and also physical training is very important and in physical exercise running is the best option so they just want to run and push themselves very far just to lose weight. They have to lose weight and they start running they see their limit the first day that for how many miles or for how many minutes or even hours they can run. They see it at the first day and the other day they just tell themselves that they will cross that limit and they keep on repeating this every day and as shocking as it is many lose their weight it is all about will power so if you think you can do it, you most certainly can. You just to have to make up your mind to it. But the shoes that are made for slim girls are not fit for heavy females who have wide feet. For heavy females, there are different shoes. not every shoe brand comes in with wide models. But the Hoka’s wide shoes only come in wide there is no extra width or narrow widths. As a matter of fact, Hoka’s running shoes are fairly wide compared to other running shoes. So the wide shoes, get even wider. Here are some other shoes that are good for people having wide feet.

  • Brooks Ghost 10.
  • Saucony Women’s Cohesion 11.
  • Brooks Addiction 13.
  • ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend 4.
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 20.
  • Hoka One Bondi 4.
  • New Balance 1500 V2.

These are the top 5 running shoes for heavy females that they can wear if any other shoes do not fit them.

Asics Running Shoes

Asics running shoes are one of the most popular shoe brands in the world. Their running shoes are so good that almost everyone wants to buy these shoes. Especially for heavy females, their running shoes are the best because of it’s cushioning and the stability that it provides for its runner, they are just exceptional shoes which are likes all around the world by runners. Their style and colour are also very good and are liked by people.  Asics’s premium support shoe provides the stability of the GT 2000 coupled with good cushioning for elegant comfort. Runners with flat feet and also wide feet often take advantage of the combination of support and cushioning, suggesting that these shoes may also be the best for flat feet and wide feet. Runners with plantar fasciitis need good support and comfort, especially in the back heel area, and the Asics running shoe delivers in both areas. This shoe company is well known in the world of sports shoes and a list of the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis would not be complete without mentioning them. This offers great cushioning and support according to people who have Plantar Fasciitis and for some, their condition is improving. The Asics shoe company is a trail shoe designed with a good amount of traction and support. Trail runners will appreciate the attention to detail Asics used in crafting the shoes, as they provide excellent durability with comfort. Updated from the previous versions, their gel technology is the key to their well-known shoes. The gel technology has made a big impact on their shoes and that is why these shoe companies are well known. The gel is a soft material inserted into the midsole of Asics shoes to give shock absorption and protection. The functionality and performance of Gel are sometimes compared to Nike’s Air cushioning. The stability and support trainers from Asics have been so exceptionally good for so long that many runners will run in nothing else. The top Asics women’s shoes based on demands from about 11,000 runners, starting with the most iconic Asics shoe of them all the GT 2000.

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Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks running shoes designed for all kinds of feet, wide, narrow or regular feet are also one of the top known company of shoes known all over the world for its cushioning and stability that it provides to its runners. Most of the heavy females prefer to wear the brooks running shoes because of its soft and comfortable cushioning that does not disturb them and does not do any kind of damage to their feet. As we all know wide feet do not fit in all shoes but brooks shoes are actually the best for them. This company has been producing many good shoes that are liked by the people and has been making shoes for a long period of time but earned its recognition now. Their shoes and the design which they bring in with them just attracts the people and forces them to buy but it is not just about the style that it brings with it but the cushioning and the stability that it provides does not make the runners regret buying the shoes. The good thing about their shoes that you can also wash them if you think that the shoes are very dirty but not wash like washing them in a washer machine but by cleaning it with a wet cloth and then letting the shoes to air dry at room temperature. You can also stretch these shoes before going for a run or for a walk if you think your feet are too cold to walk or run as most runners prefer to warm up before running and also stretch before running your stretching will not cause the shoe to torn or get damaged, so you do not have to worry or feel any regret after buying these shoes. One another good thing about these shoes is that they last long enough to satisfy you to buy another pair of these shoes. Normally these shoes last between 300 to 500 miles which is quite a lot so why not buy these shoes? Their technology which many companies want to copy is its main key to success. The 3D fit print allows more flexibility to the upper part of the shoe so that runners can run easily without any kind of pressure. This technology also causes the shoe to be light-weighted. The ballistic rock shield provides excellent protection to the feet from any sort of damage that is why most people with wide feet prefer to wear these shoes. Besides this, the 3D hex lugs provide excellent grip to the feet because of which runners do not face any difficulties while running on unbalanced tracks or while running over hills or even through forests. The guide rails technology in the midsole of the shoe helps the body to move in its motion.Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

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Adidas Running Shoes

Of course, who would not know about the famous shoe company of Adidas which is known all over the world just like Nike? Nike and Adidas have the greatest competition between them for who makes the best shoes in the world. But both companies make really good shoes. Adidas is also the best company known all over the world for its good looking shoes. Adidas has made shoes for almost every field, from football to making running shoes for the people of the world. And everyone has been satisfied with their shoes. Lots of people wear shoes too big for them and it may seem comfortable, but it actually ends up making you less comfortable than getting your correct size. Adidas always runs true to size. Nike offers running just half the size, so what’s better than getting a half size up. Nike is not used to competition, but Adidas is beating it in technology, people’s affection and style. Adidas is still much smaller than Nike. Adidas brought in $5.3 billion in 2017 compared to Nike which brought in $15.2 billion in the same year. But Adidas has a better sense for what customers want to buy, which is making Nike sweat. Although it is wrong to compare both because both are unique and good in their own ways. Adidas has never failed to amaze its customers but neither has Nike. Many people are either loyal to Nike or Adidas and they would say that the product they have worn are the best but the guy who would have worn both may know the difference between both of them. Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

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New Balance Running Shoes

New balance is a multinational corporation of shoes which has been competing with other shoes for a long period of time. New Balance running shoes was founded in 1906 and are one of the world’s most popular known shoes manufacturing company. People who walk need shoes that blend in the forefoot and they do not need as much heavy cushioning as is often required in comfort shoes or cushioned running shoes. But many New Balance running shoe designs are best for training and walking longer distances. If you want to run new balance running shoes are also excellent for that. Their running shoes are very good at cushioning and they provide excellent stability to the runners. New Balance shoes are not just good when it comes to product specification but their designs and colours attract people very much. Their designs are very good as style is everything for normal runners nowadays. New balance has not failed to disappoint its users but it has failed to compete with Nike which is the best shoe company in the world. Their shoes are really comfortable and are produced to fit every type of foot such as wide and narrow. The good thing here is that you can wear New Balance sneakers with almost every outfit your wear because of their style and colour which fit with every outfit. The unique thing about this is that Nowadays New Balance running shoes use the best-made designs, fabrics, and manufacturing technologies to offer people some of the highest levels of comfort, support, and performance while running or walking. Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

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Nike Running Shoes

Nike the brand known all over the world for its good quality shoes and the style which they offer. Nike undoubtedly is one of the best brands of shoes for the world and is worn all over the world by people. It sells its shoes not just for athletes but for footballers, basketball players and American football etc. Most of the famous people around the world wear Nike shoes. But not just that Nike is the best when it comes to the style and colour of the shoes. You just can not ignore their styles. Nike shoes offer the best comfort for the feet. Their shoes offer the best durability, flexibility and cushioning for runners. Nike Revolution 4 is one of the best brands of running shoes for the people, these shoes are light weighted and these have single-layer mesh for breathability and they have soft foam which provides comfort while running. Nike has been producing many running shoes for the people with a better and better experience each time they release a new product which makes the people want to buy their new product each time they release it. Nike products are best in the world for a reason. Nike Revolution 4 is very good for running as they provide everything a teenage girl would want. They are good for running, they are comfortable when it comes cushioning and their style is super cool. These shoes are prefered because people with the wide foot can easily run in these shoes and as most of the people have wide feet they just love these shoes. Nike has been creating shoes for about 30 years now and they have made great progress and also achieved a lot. They are known all over the world. Nike has been researching many shoes and with every shoe they make, comes in with new technology. The Nike Revolution 4 received good positive reviews from people who wore their shoes everywhere. These shoes were loved for their superb aesthetics, flexible underfoot experience, and well fitted upper. The Nike react foam technology has been used in many shoes as they wanted to ask the people what they wanted from them and the answer was simply that they wanted better cushioning of shoes since then Nike has made shoes with better cushioning using this technology they made their customers very happy. Nike has not become the biggest sports company in the world just by sitting around and making the same old shoes every year. It has grown because it has been constantly investing in research and development to see how to make its products and their users perform better each time. From the advanced technology used to support the sports superstars that are associated with Nike, to the technology used in the running shoes. So why not buy Nike shoes?

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Best Running Shoes for Overweight Female Runners

Overweight females as we all now face a lot of problems when it comes to choosing the best shoes that will be comfortable for them while running but they do not have to worry as the shoe companies that we discussed above will help them in buying the best shoes that will be comfortable for them. Overweight people always want to lose weight. They always complain about their weight and they just get very sick of it and they want to get rid of the weight. They want to look slim and smart and they want to run and they want to play. Overweight is a very serious problem because when you get older you want to get a job and for people who have a lot of weight are not acceptable to many jobs because of their weight. It is not easy to get a job in which you do not have to walk or run because of some business issues. It is not easy to get a job in which you just have to sit at your desk and make files, this kind of job also makes people bore a lot so they prefer walking and running. When fat people see other people running and playing they get very disappointed and they just want to lose weight so they start running which is a very good decision because physical exercise always helps in losing weight but that does not mean that you start eating a lot of fatty food. It is also important to keep a healthy diet that will not affect your weight or increase your weight. Not many companies make shoes for overweight people because they just make shoes according to a person who is slim and smart and that is why fat people are ignored a lot. Of course, not many people find a liking to girls who are fat they always prefer slim and smart girls who are beautiful when it comes to dating which is a very sad thing as fat girls also have a life they also want to date and do stuff that other girls do. So it is not good to ignore overweight people in fact there should a separate job thing for overweight people so that they can be happy among themselves. Because when they sit around people who are slim they just get very uncomfortable so they just quit the job and stay depressed because they think that they are too fat for the job or for the environment to settle in or even blend in. This is also a very bad thing as girls who are overweight should just accept the fact that they are heavy and should just live there life because life is not a two time thing It only comes one time and goes one time if they can not enjoy life then they should just do something about their weight and start working out to lose weight in order to enjoy their life. Even I have friends who are fat and I am really happy to have them as my friends because they just accept who they are and do not care if they are fat or not they just are who they are which is what makes them best. Shoe companies should consider making a different category for heavy people so that shoes can fit them and they can actually run in those shoes. It is an unpopular opinion but it should be considered and thoughts should be made to carry out this plan. Many people criticize them for being fat which is a very bad thing because they too are humans like us they too are a part of our society and they too have feelings like us. Many people far children are bullied in schools and colleges and they do not discuss it with their parents because of shame and they just stay quiet which makes a very negative impact on them and affects them in many ways and with those negative impacts they live their lives and with those memories and just stay away from people because of their childhood. This kind of thing is very popular all over the world and authorities should consider taking action against bullying in school as it ruins the kid’s life and the pain they go through every day is unbearable. Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners