How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes

How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes

We all have some issues which will make us not walk properly and that will also lead to other problems in our life. Hip replacement surgery is the most common surgery and it is done because of severe hip pain and bone problems. You need to do the right procedure after the surgery to get the best possible results. How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes?

People who have undergone hip replacement need to take care of the prosthetic joints. They also need to wear the proper footwear and it may vary according to the type of prosthesis used. The post-surgery time will make you aware of how long your doctor allowed you to wear the particular type of footwear.

How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes

According to the doctor, you need to follow certain instructions and if you are not able to do that then you must contact your orthopedic surgeon. These are the most common questions asked by the patients.

Can you tie your shoes?

Yes, you can and you don’t have to worry about the size of the shoe. You need to use different kinds of ties and it depends on the material that you are wearing. If you are wearing leather, then the shoe should be tied with a rubber or elastic band. It won’t matter whether the shoe is narrow or wide.

Can you wear flip-flops?

You can wear it but it is not advisable. The risk of slipping in them is high and also you should avoid wearing flip-flops if the material is slippery. So, it is best to wear a special shoe that will support your prosthesis. If you have worn a shoe with heels then you can wear it.

Can you tie the laces of your shoes?

This question is a trick, there is no such rule in which you cannot tie the laces of your shoes. As per the doctor, you can tie the laces of your shoes and the laces of the shoes will give you stability and protection to your prosthesis. So, you can tie them.

Can you wear high heels?

This is a tough one and the answer is it depends. You should never wear high heels for prolonged periods and also you should avoid wearing high heels in a crowded place as the risk of tripping is very high.


We know that the pain of the surgery is less but it will always affect your life. To get rid of the pain and make it easier to walk again, you should take care of your prosthesis properly. It will also help you to live a normal life and have a good and healthy life.