How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last

How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last?

Pointe shoes are quite expensive shoes. Many dancers who have to wear pointe shoes at competitions will spend a significant amount of money. Many of the girls are worried about how long pointe shoes last and what should be the best way to care for pointe shoes.

Many of the girls who spend a significant amount of money on pointe shoes would definitely not want to spend it on how to maintain pointe shoes. If you want to know how to care for pointe shoes, then you should read this blog.

There are lots of pointe shoe stores in the city and some of them are famous and reliable. Here I am sharing some of the important points related to pointe shoes.

The size of the foot is very important

The size of your feet will decide the length of pointe shoes. When you buy pointe shoes, you should measure your foot and choose the right size. The right size will make the pointe shoes last longer.

Wear comfortable shoes

If your dance class is held in the morning and you have to go home after the dance class, then you should not wear pointe shoes. If you do that, then you will need to buy new pointe shoes again and again.


If you want to learn how to care for pointe shoes, then you should visit a reliable and trustworthy store and get your pointe shoes checked. Try not to wear pointe shoes for too long. You can even avoid wearing pointe shoes altogether if you dance in the morning.