How To Break Into Pointe Shoes

How To Break Into Pointe Shoes?

Do you want to have a career in dancing but you don’t know how to break into pointe shoes? If yes then here is the solution to your problem.

Pointe shoes are shoes for ballet or modern dance, they were introduced in the 1970s, but now they are considered to be a fashion accessory. The shoes usually have a toe cap, the sole, a heel, and the upper portion. The pointe shoe is mainly used by ballerinas because it provides great support for the dancer while performing. You will get proper support, especially when you perform on the stage.

Here are some useful and effective tips to help you:

The right height

Before you try to enter into pointe shoes, you must be aware of your height because pointe shoes are designed according to your height. If you are very short, then you should not try to enter into pointe shoes, because they will be too small for you and they will not provide you good support.

You can buy a pair of pointe shoes which are designed for your height and once you feel comfortable in them, then you can try to enter the stage.

Try to learn

If you are new to the art of dancing and have no experience then it is better to try to learn dancing or learn the basic techniques of pointe shoes. You will get proper support if you learn the pointe shoe technique.

You can attend various dancing classes or even go through the internet for learning different kinds of ballet moves and tricks.

Practice makes perfect

Once you are confident enough to perform on the stage, then it is the right time to try to enter into pointe shoes. If you are still a beginner then you must practice before entering the stage. You can use a friend’s pointe shoes and learn the basics of pointe shoes by practicing with them.


By following the above tips you can easily break into pointe shoes. The last important thing is to have a positive mindset. You will not succeed in any field if you don’t have a positive attitude. So, start practicing and have a good performance.