How To Clean New Balance Shoes

How To Clean New Balance Shoes?

One of the common questions of our readers is how to clean New Balance shoes. There are various ways to clean your sneakers and one of the common ways is to use old socks and use the cleaning solution. But, the best way to clean the sneakers is by using a cloth and using water.

Let me tell you the best ways to clean your shoes.

Use Water

This is the simplest way to clean your shoes. You just need to soak the cloth in a bowl of water. Use a cotton ball for drying the wet shoe and dry the inside part and leave it to dry.

Wet Cleaner

For those who don’t like to use water and prefer using cleaning solutions, you can also use a cleaner for your sneakers.

You need to buy a suitable cleaner and take the right quantity according to your shoe size. If you use too much of the cleaner then you will ruin your sneaker, so use it in small quantities.


Another popular method of cleaning sneakers is using a brush to clean it. Use the toothpaste brush and start brushing from the toe and then move to the heel of the shoe. Use this method to clean the shoes that you wear a lot or if your sneakers get dirty in a short period of time.

Use Old Socks

If you want to use the method that works for all types of shoes then you can use the old socks to clean the sneakers. Just take a piece of cloth and soak it in water. Then, soak it in the washing machine and use a brush for cleaning.


If you are facing the problem of cleaning your shoes then the above ways will solve the problem for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing these ways to keep your sneakers clean and avoid stains.