How To Clean Velvet Shoes

How To Clean Velvet Shoes?

Are you aware that your shoes can be the best accessory to show off your style statement? But there are a lot of reasons that can damage the shoes and make them hard to clean. Some of them are shown in the below-mentioned points.


As per the study, water is the major reason behind shoe stains and so avoid wearing wet shoes as the chances of the stains forming will be higher.


The sweat inside the shoe will give moisture and dirt which will result in the formation of stains.


Every step that you take, dust will stick to the shoes, and thus, the possibility of stains forming is high.


If you want to remove stains from velvet shoes, then use the natural stain remover which will be the best way to get rid of the stains.

Leather Shoes

It is the most expensive type of shoe, which requires special care, and thus, the chances of it getting stained are high.

Leather Shoes

Don’t wear leather shoes as they require extra care and thus, they are likely to get stained.


Wax has a strong odor and it will turn into an aroma when heated. Thus, it will be better to remove the wax before it forms stains.


Wax is the biggest enemy of velvet shoes, but it is very difficult to remove the wax as it is a sticky material and thus, it will stick onto your shoe and will be hard to get rid of.


Shoe oil is a highly liquid material and therefore, it is not recommended to keep the shoe inside the shower thus, the possibility of it turning into a hard surface and then forming stains is high.


The sandpaper will also stain your shoes, as it contains abrasive material that can rub off and damage the shoe’s fabric.


If you are looking for the best way to get rid of stains from your velvet shoes, then you must be thinking what is the best stain remover that will work perfectly. If you want to get a good solution, then go for the natural options, and then, the results will be the best.