How To Draw Anime Shoes

How To Draw Anime Shoes?

If you are looking for some new and effective ways to express your creativity then it is a good idea to learn to draw anime. Most people are unable to understand the concept of drawing shoes but the reality is that everyone needs to draw shoes at some point in life.

So, if you are also interested to draw anime shoes then you don’t need to be a professional artist, as we have prepared some simple methods which will make your drawing much better.

Take pen and paper

It is really an easy method and you don’t need any special skill, as you just need a pen and a piece of paper.

Start with the outline

First of all, start sketching the shoe and keep sketching till you reach the end of the paper. If you don’t know how to draw an outline, then simply follow the drawing method that I am about to teach you.

Start drawing lines

Once you have sketched the outline of the shoe, now it’s time to draw the lines and lines. Start with the line at the toes and then continue up to the top.

Draw the midsole

Now you have the outline of the shoe and the lines, it is time to draw the midsole of the shoe. First, draw the heel and then draw a line up to the toe.

The midsole is almost similar to the upper of the shoe, you just have to draw the lines in the shape of the shoe.

Draw the sole

After the midsole, it’s time to draw the sole. You have to make sure that you draw the shoe from the perspective of the person looking at it, so draw the soles and the lines that are above the soles and the lines that are below the soles.


The above-mentioned tips will make it easier for you to learn to draw anime shoes. These tips will also help you to know about the shape and design of a shoe. You will soon be able to learn how to draw anime shoes without any difficulty.