How To Get Paint Off Shoes

How To Get Paint Off Shoes?

Shoes get smudged with paint when they get dirty. It becomes very difficult to keep shoes clean if there is paint on them. Sometimes, a pair of shoes gets paint on them when it falls on the floor. If the shoe gets paint on it, then it is difficult to get it out. In such a case, it becomes very difficult to clean the shoes and get the paint off them.

To get the paint out of shoes, here are the effective ways to get paint off shoes.

First, soak the shoe in warm water. You need to keep the shoes in a tub filled with water for at least half an hour. Make sure that you soak them in water for 15 to 20 minutes to get all the dirt out of them.

Then rub the shoe with a cloth dipped in soap. Use mild soap to remove all the paint from the shoe.

Use a shoe brush to scrape the paint. Clean it using a piece of newspaper. Then, use a rag to wipe off all the grease and make it shine.

Now, you can either use shoe polish to apply it to your shoe or you can apply shoe cream to get the shoes fresh. The best thing is that you can clean your shoes without applying any chemicals.


So, now you know how to get paint off your shoes. Hope you got it all.