How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller

How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller?

Big shoes don’t suit everyone, so how to make them fit smaller, is what you will see on a daily basis. When you buy shoes, you want to look good with your clothes or you just want to wear them but it looks weird. Now, in this case, how do make big shoes fit smaller?

We all have the same dilemma when we need to wear big shoes. Whether it’s casual or professional, no matter where you go, you will always see people wearing big and heavy footwear. The reason behind this is the lack of knowledge or the wrong choice of footwear.

To begin with, when you wear bigger shoes then your foot will automatically become smaller, and you won’t be able to stand in the shoes comfortably. The other issue is the weight of the shoes. If you want to make the shoes fit your feet, then you should first measure your foot size. After measuring, you will be able to determine the right size and width of the shoe.

Measure your foot size:

The first thing is that you should check whether the shoes are suitable for you or not. You will have to measure the size of the shoe, which means that you will have to take your exact foot size into consideration. You should go to a footwear store and take a measurement of your foot size and choose the proper size of a shoe according to that. The first thing that you should consider is the length because your shoe size is related to the length of your foot.

Choose the proper width of the shoe:

Now, you have to measure the width of the shoe. There are a lot of types of shoes available in the market and you should know about the type of shoe. You should select a shoe with narrow and wide widths and also the width of the shoe should be in accordance with the length of your foot. If you are in between the two, then you have to wear medium-width shoes.

Wear proper socks:

If you are wearing shoes with thick socks, then you should not use large size of shoes. When you are wearing a larger size of shoes, then it will look awkward on your feet and this is not comfortable for your feet. This is the worst situation if you have worn the shoes for a long time. To avoid this situation, you should go for thin and small-sized socks.


As you can see the problems faced while buying shoes, it is a simple thing if you know what type of shoe you need to choose and the size of the shoes that are the problem. It is better to wear the shoe that you like, rather than wearing a particular style of shoe. So, to make it simple, follow the tips that are given in this blog and you will get your desired results.