How To Not Crease Shoes

How To Not Crease Shoes

How To Not Crease Shoes is an activity that most people do every single day. Whether it’s your everyday loafers or a pair of sneakers, it is easy to end up creasing the soles of our footwear. However, it is possible to minimize creases without spending a ton of money. Here are a few tips on how to avoid shoes from becoming too wrinkled.

Dry Your Shoe

Before you put them on, make sure to dry your shoes thoroughly. This means that you should go over the shoes with a cloth. You should leave the shoes to dry on a table or in the sun. If you do not dry your shoes properly, then you may have to pay extra for repairing them.

Avoid Stretching

When it comes to stretching your shoe leather, you have to avoid doing it right before you go to bed. It is best to wait until the morning to stretch, especially if you have to work in the evening. If you stretch them in the night, then you may wake up the next morning and find that the shoe does not fit.

Use Different Colours

You should avoid wearing the same coloured shoe for two weeks in a row. If you do, you will have to repair the shoe every couple of days. It is better to wear a different colour than a similar coloured shoe.

Clean Your Shoes

When you first take your shoes off, it is important that you do not clean them in the bath or shower. You need to clean them when they are dry, otherwise, you may find yourself in for a hard time when they are creased.

Use Silicone Cuts

If you want to cut out pieces of your shoe without causing any holes, you can use silicone cuts. These are easy to use and should cut out almost any type of shape. When using these, you should be careful so that they do not get stuck in your shoe.


Shoes are important for almost everyone, and they should be treated with respect. With a little bit of practice, you can easily avoid having creases in your shoes.