How To Say Shoes In Spanish

How To Say Shoes In Spanish?

If you are a shoe lover and want to know How To Say Shoes In Spanish? Then you are at the right place. Today, I am sharing the best tips to say shoes in Spanish.

The word for the shoe is Zapatos or sandals. The plural form of the words is zapatillas.

Some people might think that zapatillas is the proper way to say the shoe, but the fact is, zapatillas are used for little sandals. When you want to say the shoe you must use zapatillas, zapatillos, or Zapatos.

If you don’t know how to say shoes, then you must practice using these words, as it will come in handy on different occasions. You can also read more details about How To Say Shoes In Spanish?

Zapatillas, Zapatillos, Zapatos

You need to learn the plural form of the word. This means that you need to say the zapatillos instead of the zapatillas if you are talking about more than one pair of shoes.

To say the shoes you need to say zapatillas, zapatillos, or Zapatos.

The word Zapatos is a generic term, so you don’t have to mention any particular type of shoe, whether it is a pair of dress shoes, sandals, tennis shoes, or flats.

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Conjunctions and Prepositions

When you are saying the shoes you must use the conjunction or preposition, which is the word that connects the object to the verb.


There are some prepositions like de, en, con, con, Sobre, etc. Some of them are very commonly used and most people know how to use them.

Other prepositions

A few prepositions like entre, para, con, etc. are not as common as the others. So, if you want to say the shoes you can use the prepositions as follows:

En el coche o en el auto

Con la ropa o con el uniforme

De la casa o del hotel

Con el corazón o con los nervios

Con mis padres o con mi madre

Para mi esposo o para mi marido

Con una fiesta o con unas clases


If you are confused regarding how to say shoes, then you can refer to my previous post to get the details. Hope you liked this article.