How To Shrink Shoes

How To Shrink Shoes

If you have huge feet and How To Shrink Shoes, then you have reached the right place, this article will guide you to shrink your shoes quickly and effectively. There are some reasons why you want to shrink your shoes; some people just have small feet and need to increase the size of their shoes.

But what if you have grown up and your shoes are too big for you? Well, now you have come to the right place, where you will get all the information that will guide you on how to shrink your shoes in a simple and effective way.

Here is what you will need for shrinking your shoes.

Shoe Laces

First of all, you will need to collect two shoe laces from both shoes. The shoes will be more effective if you collect 2 shoelaces of each shoe. You can use any pair of your shoes that are comfortable for you.


Paint will work as amazing paint which will help you to draw a clear outline of the heel and the sides of your shoe. This is one of the effective tools that will help you to shrink the size of your shoes.

Rubber Band

Rubber bands are the best and most common tools used for shrinking the size of the shoe. You need to tie one end of the rubber band and place it between the bottom of the shoes and the heel. Then pull the other end of the rubber band so that the bottom of the shoe and the heel will shrink.


This is a very easy technique that will give you a perfect and clear idea of how to shrink the size of your shoes. This method will shrink your heels and the sides of your shoes. So, you don’t need to spend more money and buy different sizes of shoes.