How To Take Pictures Of Shoes

How To Take Pictures Of Shoes? Guide in 2023

If you are a fashion lover then you surely don’t like to wear the same dress and shoes again and again. So, in order to make the most out of a single outfit, you should try something new and stylish. So, what are you waiting for? Start taking pictures of your shoes!

It is really amazing to know that a pair of shoes can become a new fashion statement but still you have no idea how to take pictures of shoes. Here are a few tips to take a picture of the shoes.

Find The Right Shoes

It is the most important thing when it comes to taking a picture of shoes. It is very important to find the right shoes because if you are going to take a photo of the shoes then it has to be a perfect match for the outfit.

Try to Match the Color

If you are planning to take a picture of shoes, then firstly match the color of the dress with the color of the shoes. If you are going to take a picture of heels then you have to ensure that the color of the heels matches the outfit.

Try to Avoid Clipping

The thing that makes a picture stand out is the clipping. So, always try to avoid clipping your photo as it makes the photo look messy.

Try to Create a Shadow

You can create a shadow around the shoe or you can place a piece of paper between the shoe and the background.

Take Proper Lighting

In order to have a clear picture of the shoe, you should know that the lighting is the major factor. So, it is better to have natural lighting rather than strong lighting.


As you can see, it is a pretty easy task to take pictures of shoes. So, it is time for you to start this amazing adventure.