How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes

How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes?

Do you know that walking without creasing shoes is the most difficult thing for any woman? If you are walking in the city, then you should be aware of your posture and other things that will help you to avoid creases.

When you are walking, your shoe will create friction on the floor, so try to avoid that by walking carefully. Most women use their feet to slide when they walk; this causes creases to appear, so avoid it by practicing a good walking technique. Here are some tips to practice walking without creasing shoes:

Don’t wear high heels

Walking in high heels is not a good idea because your body will be forced to lift your heel while walking. You will feel uncomfortable and your feet will suffer from cramps and pain. If you want to wear heels, then don’t wear them for a long period of time.

Use a stick

Sometimes you might feel that you will walk a long distance if you don’t have a stick, then don’t hesitate to use it. Walking with a stick helps you to support yourself if you are walking a long distance and it also gives you confidence walking.

Don’t try to move quickly

If you try to move quickly, then you will feel that your foot will slip and this will crease your clothes. So, try to slowly and carefully move, it will help you to walk without creasing your shoes.


The above-mentioned tips will be really helpful if you don’t want to see creases on your shoes while walking. Try to follow the tips to walk without creases, you will see that your shoe will remain as clean and new.


When should I use crease?

Crisp fabric will be crumpled when creased. So, if you don’t want your clothes to get crumpled, then avoid creasing.

How to walk without creasing shoes?

If you want to walk without creasing your shoes, make sure that you wear comfortable shoes. Also, it helps to choose a good pair of shoes.

What are creases?

A crease is a fold in the material of the garment. If you want to avoid creases in your clothes, then you need to pay attention to the following points.

Why do creases appear?

Creases in clothes happen due to different reasons. Some common reasons are: