Running Shoes Fit Guide

Running Shoes Fit 2023 Reviews + Buying Guide

When you start running it’s essential that you start out by picking the right shoes for your size. While you could purchase shoes based on how they fit you now, choosing the wrong pair of shoes at the beginning may result in injuries down the road. Choosing the correct pair of shoes when you first start running can save money and reduce pain over time.

Before you buy a pair of running shoes, take a minute and examine the insole and heel cup areas. Your shoe should be comfortable, and the back of your heel should fit snugly against the side of your foot.

You’ll notice that most running shoes have a space on either side of the heel, and they are designed to hold your arch and heel in place while running. If your shoes feel unstable or if

Running Shoes Fit Guide

This guide suggests that if you want to run or jog in your shoes, before buying the shoes you must check whether there is a thumb’s width room between the end of your longest toe and the front of your shoe, this gap does not give any sort of discomfort for the runner.

If you think the gap between the longest toe and the end of the shoe is too much you don’t need to worry because there ways to decrease the gap such as by wearing double socks or stuffing the toes of your shoes. It is true that getting the right fit is crucial, however, if you go half a size or even one full size down just because your toe doesn’t suffer, it will be a right thing to do. Suffocating your toe is the worst thing you can do to yourself especially if you are a full time performing athlete.

What is running shoe?

Running shoes are a lightweight shoes designed for runners. Running shoes need cushioning in forefoot or heel to absorb about four times your body weight per step. best Running shoes were designed for the purpose of providing comfort to runners while running, runners strike the ground first with different parts of their foot depending on the individual. The people who prefer walking rather than running strike with the heel and roll through the step. They have no need for a higher heel.

Running shoes are different in some ways from other shoes, simple shoes may not be comfortable for some people while running but running shoes are unique in their own way. The main question is can running shoes be used for walking? Well running shoes are well cushioned with extra support and a comfortable fit. For walkers who are looking for a good pair of shoes, its tempting to go for running shoes because of the vast of models, colors, styles and overall accessibility of running shoes far outnumber the options for dedicated walking shoes.

Now a days, a lot of people choose running shoes under their casual outfits. THe reason is same. Running shoes are made with so much delicacy and craft these days that gradually they are taking over the sneaker trend. The idea behind this is simple. These shoes look super trendy and alongside that, they provide so much comfort to the foot that the user feels as if he is walking on the clouds. Ultimately, people turn to wear their running shoes even if they are going on a casual night out.

Here are the top 5 products people use for running shoes, it is really important to have the best running shoes for athletes and runners.

Asics Running Shoes

The Asics brand is a very popular shoes company it has many categories of shoes but as we are looking into running shoes we will talk about their running shoes. Asics shoes company is known all over the world for its running shoes which many people use for running and athletes prefer these shoes too. Many people are fond of the company but some are not familiar with it.

In 1948, Kihachiro Onitsuka starting his journey into the world of footwear in his living room where he was making running shoes for children, a year later he expanded into making producing basketball shoes and later on started his company.

Technology nowadays is also used for shoes and Asics like other shoes companies has also developed technology for its shoes which they want to improve day by day. Each running shoe technology has the intention of making the user’s experience pleasant, efficient, and satisfying.

Some of the important technologies in Asics running shoes include Gel Technology, the gel is perhaps the most prominent technology created by the brand and this technology is pretty famous in shoes companies because all of them use this technology in their running shoes. But what exactly is it? As the name implies, the Gel is a soft material inserted into the midsole of the running shoe, and it intends to absorb shock and protect the foot. One other technology that they have created and improved is the impact guidance system(IGS), The Impact Guidance System, or the IGS for short, is a design philosophy that allows the Asics running shoe to have a dynamic and adaptive stability.

Using the structure of the midsole, IGS enhances the foot’s gait cycle into a more natural one. Asics running shoes are not really durable but they provide what they are suppose to so many people prefer these shoes for running especially athletes and triathletes because of their technology that they have in their shoes, the gel nimbus, Asics gel kayano and Asics noosa series. Asics running shoes do not have many disadvantages but if you want to know how long they’ll last it all depends upon the style of your use depending on your weight and how long you run in a day, if you run 80 miles a day then the Asics running shoes will last for about 4 to 6 months.


Nike Running Shoes

Nike running shoes are know all over the world for its best design of shoes, the name itself is very popular around the world and many people pick nike running shoes because of their designs. Nike is one of the best shoes brand out there popular all over the world not just for its running shoes but mostly because of its football shoes. While they do stick to some popular models for years, the more than 30 years history of Nike Pegasus, they constantly introduce new technologies and with them, new names and classification. The Pegasus has long been a staple in Nike’s lineup, and it’s no surprise.

This is an incredibly versatile shoe. The latest version comes with a full length Zoom Air unit in the midsole wrapped in cushion foam for good cushion and a little extra bounce in your step. A bootie-style upper grips the mid foot but offers a roomy toe box for a snug fit that doesn’t feel cramped. These shoes are famous for their soft cushions and because their product lasts longer as Nike has the best quality shoes.

The company that would become one of the biggest names in sports began with a guy selling imported shoes whose name was Phil Knight. In 1964, his former coach, Bill Bowerman, joined him and began experimenting with new running shoe designs, and that itch to push the envelope has been a Nike hallmark ever since.

Although it’s now a global behemoth, Nike has maintained a strong commitment to creating shoes that help runners go faster and longer. These shoes are the best when it comes to the product because you can use them for running for a long period of time so it has its advantages. These are good for running because of their air cushioning and flexibility.


Under Armour Running Shoes

The interior foam lines on the under armour shoes are light and cushioning to ensure your entire foot is protected and comfortable. The Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6 is not a only one of the best running shoes but works well in the gym as well as being a great casual shoe with its good looks and comfortable fit.

Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, a 24-year-old former special teams captain of the University of Maryland Football team. Plank initially began the business from his grandmother’s basement in Washington D.C. From his grandmother’s basement, Plank moved to Baltimore.

Under armour shoes are mostly famous for their rugby shoes which is also known as American Soccer the running shoes of under armour are not very popular around the world because nike is dominating when it comes to design of shoes and the styles of shoes. Under armour shoes are not very popular around the world not many people wear under armour shoes because people now a days look for designs in the shoes and under armour does not offer the best of designs but if an athlete knows about under armour’s technology they will definitely buy the shoes. This company has certainly grown in the last few years because of its technology.


Skechers Running Shoes


Skechers was launched in 1992 and it got famous around the world very early. Its popular shoes in the early 90s were got very famous which gave skechers the early recognition that they were looking for and they kept on launching new shoes. Skechers has grown into the one of top three best-selling athletic and running shoe making companies in the US.

The company’s innovations for runners have come more recently, but it’s unique compared to running-specific brands because Skechers shoes offer a similar level of performance at a much lower price. Skechers created its GOrun line of running shoes in 2011, and it got famous around the world people were very fond of these shoes and everyone strted wearing these shoes.

The GOrun shoe, a minimalist, lightweight  trainer, was the first in the GOrun lineup, and it made clear Skechers’ commitment to high-performance running shoes. With the GOrun, Skechers was no longer making athletic shoes that you could run in, they were making shoes that people could run in and also could wear outside for walking or for going to work place or somewhere else.

Skechers then embraced the minimalist running trend of the time with the release of the GObionic running shoe a year later. This shoe was built to give a good feel for the ground and save on weight. Skechers most notable new technology is its Ultra Flight foam cushioning that debuted in 2017, which is found in shoes like the GOrun MaxTrail 5 Ultra and the GOrun MaxRoad 3 Ultra.

This proprietary TPU-based foam is designed to be lighter and bouncier than older foams like EVA, so you get the same level of cushion with less weight and more energy return. As it begins to place this foam in more of its shoes, Skechers will face a big challenge against all the other growing foot wear companies.

Although not widely known for its max cushion kicks, less than 10 years ago Skechers wasn’t even known for running shoes; The brand’s quick rise in the industry is reason to expect that its shoes with proprietary Ultra Flight foam will continue to grow in popularity.


Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks is a shoes manufacturing company and is about 100 years old and has been making running shoes since 1977. In fact, there are not many companies that only focus on producing running shoes and making them better, which allows it to be competitive with much larger brands. Brooks begins in a small factory in Philadelphia. While they can’t take much credit for revolutionizing the ballet or bath shoe industries, they remain just as committed to specialized gear for a specialized activity.

Once they got their recognition for the good quality running shoes such as the Beast and Adrenaline, is now one of the most best known brands out there. Their foray into cushioning running shoes with the Ghost received plenty of praise and the Pure line is among the best running shoes  they have ever had. Brooks shoes are famous for their designs also, they have different styles and designs of shoes which attracts many people to buy these shoes so brooks shoes are also unique in many ways.

In the race of the best running shoes brooks has not failed to impress the runners and the athletes. Brooks isn’t behind from other foot wear companies when it comes to shoes technology, its 3D fit print is a revolutionary process that uses screen-print technology to apply engineered structure, it maintains the shoe quality with increased cushioning and flexibility which allows the runners to run comfortably.
Also it has ballistic rock shield technology which is Toughened thermoplastic EVA sheath between the outsole and midsole protects the forefoot by spreading out point loads from sharp objects.


Should running shoes be a size bigger

A majority of individuals live with certain misconceptions including: the most common one which is that one need to break in athletic shoes for the first week. This, in fact is not true. Any individual should be able to feel completely comfortable from the first workout or run. In event that you would be required to break them in to feel good, then, you should get a different shoe.

The actual test is whether there’s any wiggle room for your toes or not. An important thing to always remember is that your feet expand on impact with the ground for shock absorption purposes. You should evidently always have  at least about a thumbs width between the end of your longest toe and the end of your shoe. Furthermore, the shoe should not squeeze the width of your foot.

How to choose running shoes for beginners

Running shoes may often be deceptively sneaker like, however, they contain special design features and technology that aid an individual in running. Running is different from other exercises. In running your feet collide with the ground in almost the exact same way with each step, every time. Running shoes, unlike sneakers are designed specifically to prevent injury from the repetitive collision motion by offering cushioning which aids in shock absorption and other design features which make moving forward much easier.

One should never try to discount their path towards a good running shoe as you usually get what you pay for in terms of material and technology. Therefore, a good pair of running shoes should be close to $100-$150

An important factor to remember while buying running shoes is how they fit your feet. If you don’t feel comfortable upon wearing your shoes or running in them for the first time then you should expect your money to be wasted. As these ill fitted shoes will not cushion your feet properly when they expand on collision. Thus the above mention thumb rule should always be applied while making new purchases.

There are of course different types of running shoes for different types of runners:

  • Racers or runners who prefer a fast pace should invest in a lightweight running shoe. However, it may wear out sooner.
  • Racing flats are designed for speed with lesser cushioning.
  • Trail running shoes for people who prefer running in dirt. These are more durable and have lugs to provide added traction and grip.
  • Stability running shoes are designed to correct over pronation.

Factors such as stack height and heel-toe drop should be considered as they effect an overall running experience.


Running shoe fit comparison

There are a lot of tools in the market and online which help you compare your running shoes. While, every shoe is made for ease and best performance of the runner, there might be some models which suit you well than other ones. This depends on a variety of factors including your foot shape and dimensions. Also, the built quality of shoes play a great part.

As mentioned above, the running shoe fit comparison tool is available both online and in big shoe stores. How it works is the owner or the online tool will ask you several questions. These questions can be your running goals, how many times a week do you good for running or the most common surfaces you are going to run on (e.g offroad or treadmill).

Once you answer all the questions, the store worker or the online tool will match your answers with the most compatible shoes and will put infront of you multiple of models to choose from. This is actually very helpful if you find yourself lost in a world of only running shoes and cannot predict which one will deliver the best results for you. Using this method, your circle of choice is shortened and therefore, you can decide better which shoe is the right pick for you.



In conclusion, running shoes are an absolute necessity for the average runner as they provide you safety from easily avoidable injuries that may be threatening to your daily way of life.

Not only is safety important but also the ease that is provided by the mechanics of a good running shoe makes your process of running smooth and much more enjoyable. A good pair of running shoe also helps if you are recovering from an ankle or foot injury.

The high quality soles being used these days work efficiently by putting less stress on the joints and thus, decreasing chances of injuries. It is safe to say that one should definitely invest in a good, fitted running shoe as they will most probably feel the benefits.