What Color Are Mickey Mouse's Shoes

What Color Are Mickey Mouse’s Shoes?

It has always been a favorite of mine, so many people wonder, but what color Are Mickey Mouse’s shoes?

Mickey is my favorite Disney character, the first time I saw his feet were in my childhood, then I didn’t see him for a long time. So, when Mickey turned 50 years old, I felt like visiting his home and celebrating his birthday.

I am here to give you all an update about the color of Mickey’s shoes, now let’s have a look at the video.

1) Mickey Mouse black shoes:

Mickey is wearing black colored shoes, if you have seen the old cartoons then you will definitely know that his shoes were white or maybe gray color.

2) Yellow Mickey Mouse:

As per the latest cartoon of Disney world, his shoes have turned yellow. The new cartoon shows that he had gone to see the school. He has been wearing yellow colored shoes.

3) White Mickey Mouse:

As per the latest cartoon of the Disney world, he has been wearing white colored shoes, it is not that he is going to school. Instead, it is his birthday party. Mickey is showing his joy for his 50th birthday by wearing these white-colored shoes.

4) Orange Mickey Mouse:

The cartoon shows that Mickey has been wearing orange shoes, I think this is because of the upcoming Halloween. As per the video, I can say that this is one of the interesting things of the day. He is also the character with the highest number of videos in the whole world.


Nowadays, the number of videos has gone up to more than 1000 and they are increasing each day. So, the whole world is waiting for the next cartoon of Mickey, as per the previous videos, the new cartoon is going to be aired in November, and the first week of December.