What Color Shoes With Light Blue Dress

What Color Shoes With Light Blue Dress?

The Perfect Match For Light Blue Dress With Dark Navy Shades

There are no boundaries to wearing shoes with dresses. But when you are buying the dress or picking out a colour, one should always pay attention to the shoes and the accessories which will enhance the overall look of the entire look.

Dresses are becoming more popular than ever and it has become a style statement in themselves. Every woman wants to own a dress which will add glamour to their personality.

However, the choice of shoes will totally change the entire look and feel of the dress. It will also determine if the dress is comfortable and flattering.

I am sure you might have heard about the various types of shoes but I bet that you never tried them before. So, today I will guide you to choose the perfect match for a light blue dress with dark navy shades.

Choose Light Blue Dress

Blue dresses are the most flattering and also the most comfortable for those who are not into the heavy fabric. Colours like pale blue, sky blue, and aqua blue are the most beautiful for the ladies.

However, you can try the combination of darker shades like dark blue, navy blue, and dark grey to complement the light blue.


The accessories like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other decorative items can be paired with the dress. Try to avoid metallic or bold colours as they are not suitable for the light blue dress.

Choose White Sandals

When it comes to the colour of the shoes you can go for the white or nude colour. White is the classic and timeless colour for all occasions and is the easiest shoe to wear.


I am sure you will love the combinations I have given in the post. I hope the tips mentioned above will be helpful to choose the perfect match for the light blue dress with dark navy shades.