What Colour Shoes To Wear With A Yellow Dress

What Colour Shoes To Wear With A Yellow Dress?

Are you wearing your favorite yellow dress and looking for shoes? If yes, then you are in the right place because here we are going to share the top 10 tips on shoes to wear with a yellow dress.

It is a golden dress, but still, you cannot leave without the perfect shoes for you. As you are trying to make the outfit more unique and different, then the color of the shoes is something you should consider. It is always better to avoid matching colors and go for contrasting colors.

Top 10 shoes for a yellow dress:

Black Heels

Black shoes are one of the most attractive colors and you cannot go without black heels. So, if you are wearing a black dress then nothing looks good than dark-colored heels.

Black Platforms

This is the second most popular and trending style among girls. It is the perfect option if you have some heavy makeup or if you are trying to look stylish and classy.

Blue Heels

This is the latest fashion trend and girls will go with blue heels. It is the most simple and best option for the yellow dress.

Brown Heels

Brown is a very neutral and classic color. It goes with almost every color. So, if you are trying to create a different look, then brown heels are the perfect option.

Gold Sandals

This is the perfect option for the yellow dress. The gold sandals will make your look more attractive.

White Heels

The white heels are one of the most popular and best options. It will add more brightness to your outfit and the color will match any of the colors.

Pink Heels

Pink is a combination of red and blue colors. It will be great for your outfit.

Red Heels

Red is the most vibrant and bold color. So, if you have chosen red shoes for a dress, then you will look absolutely awesome.

Purple Heels

Purple is a combination of red and blue colors. So, it is the perfect combination for the yellow dress.

Silver Heels

Silver is another good option and is considered a neutral color. It will complement any color you are wearing.


I hope you liked this post on “What Colour Shoes To Wear With A Yellow Dress?”. If you are searching for the best options for the yellow dress, then these tips will help you to pick up the right and best shoes for you.