What Does Td Mean In Shoes

What Does Td Mean In Shoes

Td stands for Toe Drive, this is one of the shoes which is usually worn by athletes. You will see the most amazing foot types when you wear TD shoes because there are a lot of features that make this shoe popular amongst foot lovers. Let us talk about these features What Does Td Mean In Shoes


Most people will prefer wearing lightweight shoes but the reason behind it is that the shoes are easily slipping when you walk barefoot. The shoes are very comfortable but the lightweight will cause you to slip and stumble.


Some people do not like walking with heels on their feet, but wearing TD shoes will make you feel a lot more comfortable because the sole is flat. It has a heel so that you will feel stable.

Great grip

The grip of the shoes is not so much, but it can be used for those who are doing sports or even those who like to hike. The TD shoes will make sure that the grip is good. The sole is made up of different materials and it will give you a better grip, especially in cold weather.


It is a great shoe for people who are running, hiking or playing a sport, this shoe will make sure that you will have better traction and your foot will be comfortable.

If you have a specific foot type, then it is best to visit a foot specialist to get the perfect fit. Otherwise, if you don’t have the budget then try buying the TD shoes at a local shoe store.