Why Does Harrow Put Glass In His Shoes?

What is the reason behind the glass being put in the shoes? When it comes to fashion and footwear, we cannot avoid the word “glass” and I guess no one is safe, even famous celebrity wears them! I just wanted to know the answer to this question. Here is the explanation behind it.

Before going deep into the explanation, I would like to share my experience of wearing glass shoes.

A couple of months ago, I visited a shoe store. And this is the moment when I was introduced to the glass shoe. They were very light and were the most comfortable and fashionable shoes that I had seen.

Then when I saw the price, I thought that it was a little more expensive than what is normal. But when I tried them on, I felt that it is worth investing in.

It is not only for me; it is popular among girls and guys who like to show their confidence through their looks. And for the boys, it is the best and most stylish choice to look dashing and stunning.

When you buy a pair of these shoes, you get a feeling that you have made a smart choice.

So, here are the possible reasons why they are being put in the shoe.

For safety

The most common reason is because of safety. For this purpose, glass is preferred by many companies. In fact, it’s better to use a material that is transparent and has great clarity.

It is also used as a security guard by the stores. So, when the person enters the place, it will be able to notice the person quickly without wasting much time.

To protect

Another reason why they are there is to protect the person from injury. For this, the person will have to put their foot in the glass and then will be able to check the foot well and the leg.

This is the best thing that one can do for the leg and foot.

To ensure a comfortable grip

It is also for the comfort of the person. As the shoe is very light, it is very comfortable.

To make the shoe attractive

To make the shoes more attractive, the manufacturers put the glass as a decorative item. And this will give the appearance of the shoe which is more appealing.


When I asked the staff of the shoe store, they said that it is not at all a cheap product. Instead, it is very expensive. But I never expected that the most expensive thing will be the best thing. So, try out the glass shoes and see the difference.