Why Does My Cat Lay On My Shoes

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Shoes?

Most people have a habit of walking through the house and sometimes the cats don’t realize that they are in your shoes. They simply lay on the spot and there is nothing you can do, you don’t want to pick them up because you can have a lot of trouble.

So, is this the reason why your cat is laying on your shoes? Well, let me tell you what is this.

The reasons for this behavior

It could be that your cats have never learned to walk properly. Most cats start walking when they are a bit older and they should be able to walk on the right foot first, but most cats don’t do that. So, if you see your cat is walking on your shoe, then there might be some problems.

Your cat may be sick

Sometimes your cat can have joint problems and if it is the case then your cat may not be able to walk well. In that case, he may start lying down on the spot and you don’t need to pick him up because he is already comfortable.

Cat is bored

If your cat is walking on your shoe then it means that he is bored, and cats generally walk in order to find a new source of entertainment.

Dangerous situation

Your cat is a predator so he is naturally alert. Your cat is an animal who likes to hunt and find his food, and the best place where he can hunt is your shoes.

If your cat is walking on your shoes then you have to keep your shoes in a good condition. Make sure that your shoes are clean and there are no stains on it.


If your cat is walking on your shoe and you are not able to solve the problem, then you should consult your vet. Your cat’s life may depend on it. The vet will tell you the reason and then you can decide what to do with your cat.