Why Glue Pennies To the Bottom Of Shoes

Why Glue Pennies To the Bottom Of Shoes?

Shoes are very important when it comes to your appearance because they are the first thing that you step into the day. And in today’s busy life we don’t have much time to go shopping and pick up new pair of shoes. But I know that every shoe lover loves to buy a pair of good quality shoes that will last for a long.

But, there is another way to make your shoes more appealing and classy, and that is by adding pennies to the bottom of your shoes. But why pennies?

If you have asked this question then you don’t know about the history of pennies, and you are one of the lucky guys who know about the penny. Pennies are the smallest coins that circulate around the globe and are the official currency of the United States.

Pennies are issued and released by the U.S. Treasury Department to circulate throughout the country. This coin has a face value of five cents, but only one side of the coin has a picture of Liberty. On the other side of the coin, it has the word “IN GOD WE TRUST” written below.

The coin was first issued in 1866 and was designed by Robert Scotty. However, in 1937 the coin was redesigned and had the same size and weight as it is now.

A penny is also called a quarter-cent, and its diameter is 30 millimeters. The weight of a penny is approximately 6.13 grams and can be used as a weight for certain products, like shampoo and soap.

Now, let us talk about the reason why you need to add the pennies to the bottom of your shoes, and the benefits of this practice.

Add some style and elegance to your shoes

You can add the pennies to the bottom of the shoes, and the moment you will put them into your shoe, you will feel the change in the overall appearance of your shoe.

You can also get some interesting information from the pennies and you can use the information for your upcoming projects or business.

Pennies are considered the most popular metal and people have collected them for many reasons. Adding pennies to the bottom of your shoes will create a strong impression and will give your shoes a classier look.


These are the main reasons why you need to add pennies to the bottom of your shoes, and the best part is that you can use this information for any upcoming projects or business.